sugar_1 (sugar_1) wrote,

first day of finals...:o it was crazy but i took care of English and Health not that day!! 2 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL really rocks,except i wont get to see some ppl cuz there moving..anyway..i came home from school and ate cuz food is good..:))then i went to Jennifers, we just chilled and then Bryan and Justin came and it was crazy but a lot of fun..Bryan took my bike to Brick Oven and they said they left it there so me and Jennifer were gonna jog there but they gave it back to us. we went running. and yea it was painful cuz i havent done it in a while..then we locked them out..and Bryan snuck in from the side window..haha it was funny, Jennifer my tires need air in them..LMAO..haha yea good times..then i left there and came home. i call Shannon and i went running to get her drove her bike back half way and went swimming in my pool..then it started storming so we got out and called some peeps..and talked then went back in..then he called as she was about to leave and we were still in the i said i'd call back but i wasnt home and i fell asleep in the ill call tomrrow though..:Dyea so
tomrrow --half day again...History, and science finals..and then home..ill prob sleep..or chill with some people..
call if u wanna hang out:)

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