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well today would be Friday..finally a break from school..only two days, but its something..

before first hour me and Jackie went down to that student thingy..and got donuts like every1 else.

school sucked all day..anyway

after school i came home and Nick was here with my sister..and then they left..anyways...i was mad all dayy..haha..Jennifer and Brice kno why..faggs..becuz of *******

o well..Jennifer and me talked on the phone a lot today..and Shannon too.. dog is pooping

^^LMAO we didnt need to kno that^^

then me and Jennifer and Brice were on the phone and me and Brice were watchin TV..n jennifer was babbaling on about stuff and we werent even paying attention..lmao..j/p

good times..

me and Brice..are P.I.M.P.'s..lmao

alright im out..peace

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