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wow i feel like i havent updated in, i cant believe break is already almost over...its really sucks!

i am kinda looking forward to actually going back, im so excited about Winterball and Spirit week, its gonna be awesome! better then before cuz now i am actually gonna dress up and do stuff!

well Friday at like 2:00 Jennifer picked me up and we went to fun! be jealous..we took A LOT of crazy pictures..ate a ton of food, and hung out!! Jessica left around 5:30, but me and Jennifer stayed like almost 10:00, but u could say 9:30...

we ate a lot of popcorn, and were mixing drinks together...yuck! i woke up. and my sister was coming over, so she is here, and we went out, came home and now im doing homework,  but i took a break cuz all i have left is 2 projects!! what what!


alright im out..

<3... :)))x10

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