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thought these were cute so im posting them

I want a boy.
A nice and bad boy.
He'll tell me we're like Corey and Topanga.
He'll give me his favorite sweatshirt.
He'll call me at 3am and ask me what i'm doing.
He'll tell me he couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking about me, and he needed to hear my voice.
He'll text me every morning before school saying "Have a great day babe I love you!".
And he always whispers something sweet in my ear.
He'll take me to a concert to see his favorite band.
And he wont get embarrassed to tell me he loves me in front of his friends.
When I cry he'll tell me I'm too beautiful to and he'll kiss every tear.
He'll always make me feel better because he knows the perfect things to say to me.
All of his friends will know we're in love because he'll talk about me to them.
He'll stay up with me all night when im sick.
When we're walking together he'll stop and pick up a flower and put it behind my ear.
He'll love everything about me and tell me that I'm perfect.
We always end up laughing aboutt silly fights.
We wont get mad for making fun of each other because we crack up at every bit of it.
Even if we're a million years old, butterflies will still go crazy inside of me ... Everytime he kisses me.
He'll tell me he'd die without me.
He'll surprise me by bringing me over my favorite food when I'm having a bad day.
He would think I was beautiful if I dressed so crappy it was classy.
he wouldnt be scared to cry in front of me--
--and would hold me when i cry ..
he'll introduce me to his friends as the coolest girl he’s ever met.
We would have contests of how far we could spit our gum, or how far we could jump off a swing.
He'll take walks with me in the snow, and we'll catch snowflakes on our tongues
And we'd always take pictures in photo booths.
He'll let me go places with his mom.
We would play tag and not care whos watching. We'd kiss in the rain.
And when I hear him speak, I'll fall in love all over again.
I want a boy who can argue over stupid things with me,
and than go totally soft when I got sad and apologize.
I want someone who would lay with me outside under the stars.
Someone who will squirt me with water guns in the house
I want someone to be there no matter what ... always and forever
Perfect, in my eyes even if hes nothing in everybody elses.
I'll be his everything.

Tell her you think shes cool.
Tell her why you think shes so cool.
Smell her hair.
Talk to her in movie theatres.
Hold her hand.
Just hold her hand.
Pick flowers
Tell her she's pretty.
Let her pay if she wants to.
Introduce her to your friends
as The coolest girl you know.
Sit in the park and talk to her.
Tell her stupid jokes.
Write poems about her.
Just walk with her.
When she starts swearing at you,
... tell her you love her.
Take her to shows of
bands shes never
heard of.
Hold her hand in the mosh pit.
Let her fall asleep in your arms.
Call her.
Call her back if she calls you.
Sing to her,
no matter how
bad you are.
Carve your names into a tree.
Get her mad, then kiss her.
Give her piggy-back rides.
Go see her band play even
if they really suck,
and tell her they were great.
Give her space if she needs it.
Push her on swings.
Stay up with her all night when shes sick.
Make up pet names for her,
but cool ones, not sappy ones.
Teach her guitar.
Lend her your cds.
Write on her.
Make her mixtapes.
Write her letters.
Take her to cool shops,
and let her take you to even cooler ones.
Just hang out
with her.
Listen to all the
bands she mentions.
Dont tell her that her favorite bands suck.
When shes sad,
hang out with her
stay on the
phone with her,
even if shes not saying anything.
Buy her ice cream.
Let her take all the photos of you she wants.
Look into her eyes.
Slow dance with her,
even if the music is fast.
Kiss her in the rain...
kiss her hand...
kiss her neck...
kiss her forhead....
kiss her nose...
. . . and when you fall in love with her TELL HER. 8-)))


so today was great..yea this morning Rashiel came to my locker and we walked and then we seen Spencer so we walked and my foot kills i think i sprained it or sumthin cuz it hurts majorly..yea so

1st-read romeo and juliet and w/e

2nd-Whats love got to do with it..Ike and Tina Turner movie.

3rd-went over tests from the beginning of the semester.

4th-book work with a group..

5th-did this story thing and went over some vocab.

6th-Kozak is stupid and bored everyone again..what else is new?

came home and watched Boy meets world and ate food cuz i was hungry..then i fell asleep watchin Full sad 8-(i actually liked school today it was worth going but doesnt feel like a Monday i wish it was like atleast Thursday..yea so there u go with the boring entry..CoMmEnT?? it'll make me happy

im out Peace


EDIT-new layout..comment if u like or dont!!
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