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What was the last...
Word you said:: yeah
Food you ate:: Oreos i :)
Beverage you drank:: Sunkist
Thing you touched:: keyboard and mouse
Thought you had:: i want to sleep..and i dont wanna do my homework
Place you went:: school..and home
Person you saw:: my brother
Song you listened to:: jesse mccartney-beautiful soul
CD you bought:: Jesse McCartney for sure
 Movie you saw:: hmm..Saw...
Book you read:: Night
TV show you watched:: Summerland  ha
Present you recieved:: i certificates
Present you gave:: ??
Dream you had:: i think last night
Nightmare you had:: i dont remember
Shoes you wore:: Nike's
Chair you sat in:: computer chair...duhh
Ice cream you ate:: vanilla
Medicine you took:: ?? dont remember
Illegal thing you did:: ?? dont remember
Thing you bought:: shirts
Swear word you said:: umm..??
Who did you last...
Hug:: mom
Kiss:: mom??
Lie to:: ??
Be lied to by:: i dunno
Cry over:: this guy mayb?
See:: brother
Dance with:: spencer and my friends at Winterball..
Talk to:: caitlyn
Talk on the phone to:: brice..and jennifer
Send an email to:: mom
Talk to online:: cait
Shout at:: ?
Share a secret with:: jennifer
Have a sleepover with:: shannon
Go to the movies with:: jennifer
Go shopping with:: friends
Get annoyed at:: rashiel
Laught at:: rashiel
Laugh with:: sarah
Want to kill:: no1
Have your heart broken by:: =( spencer?? zac?
Think about:: him
Ask out:: no one
Get asked out by:: id remember
Stick your tongue out at:: shannon
Shake hands with:: ??
Love:: who knows
Hate:: ?
Get hurt by:: him :(
Hurt:: idk
When did you last...
Yell at someone:: like last
Go to hospital:: ??
Watch TV:: 30mintues ago
Listen to the radio:: right now
Take a walk in the park:: hmm...
Do some ironing:: ?
Brush your teeth:: 1 hour ago
Take a shower:: last night..and like in 20 minutes
Have a bath:: few weeks ago
Go to the toilet:: 1 hour agoo,,??idk i dont record this
Cry:: Wednesday?
Laugh:: today
Talk on the phone:: today
Email someone:: last week
Punch someone:: ??
Go in a car:: today
Go on a bus:: today
Read a book:: today
Take a library book out:: last year
See a movie:: well..on my portable DVD..umm..last weekend
See a rainbow:: Summer
Drink a beverage:: today
Consume food:: today
Buy something:: Thursday
Write something:: today
Unlock a door:: today
Borrow money:: last week
Lend money:: dont remember
Lose something:: today
Eat an ice cream:: yesterday
Play a sport:: today
Hug someone:: today
Kiss someone:: today
Fake being ill:: hm..
Lie:: today
Swear:: today
Make fun of somebody:: last week
Go to the supermarket:: last week
Do a dare:: FRIDAY
Wish upon a star:: long time ago
Go to a party:: couple of weeks ago
Have a party:: 2 months ago?
Wear a skirt:: like 6 weeks ago
Go swimming:: lets see...umm...before the guys swim season was like 4 weeks ago
Regret something:: today

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