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i am mega i thought that i would update..anyway..yes tomrrow is Wednesday..May i add the worst day in the week..its gay..except for Access, which in my case, i never go anymore cuz i am ultra school

1st-read chapter 4 of night..and did a worksheet. i finished in class lucky me.

2nd-finished watching Super Size Me..the movie isnt that bad..

3rd-took gay noted..and talked to Shannon

Lunch-may i say..FUN..haha Sarah u crack me up

4th-Watched Apollo 13..technically i didnt watch it..cuz i wanted to sleep

5th-i dont really remember..Mrs. Lutz like practically yelled at us for doing the homework wrong..o well, mayb if she was there..and actually had a descent sub..we would have done it right..and she is making us redue it..watta fag..

6th-took a quiz..and did notes..

i took the lmae bus home, and walked in the, but i came online, and then at like 4:00 i went and laid down..then my dad woke me up at like 7:00, i ate..and then did my gay homework..anyway

i cant wait till Friday after school..Sarah might give me a ride to her house..mayb..if not..i take the bus home and then go to her house later..

its shall be fun

peace :)

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