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so basically, i dont update anymore, cuz to me its a waste cuz no1 comments or reads it..i dont remember a lot about last week except it was spirit week,, i stayed after for practice Wednesday i think,, and i went to the last meet of the year,, (Divisions..)lol it was soo fun...pep rally was alright, it coulda been better, considering he didnt even say anything to

Friday after school i went up the pool, because the bus left at 2:30..well; were waiting and it finally comes we had to share with Mott swim

then we were told the Sterling Heights high school Basketball team had to share with us too, so we all doubled up, Bryan and Zac were being idiots and trying to get our hair down, and other stuff, joking around, i really wasnt in the mood but it was still kind of fun!

get there at like 3:00 and the meet doesnt start till me and Jessica just sat around the guys didnt do much warm-up but who really cares, cuz we got to chill with them all..well Zac had this thing to dry off, and Bryan and him kept filling it with water and pouring it all over me, by the time the meet started i was soaked, lol anyways, it was alot of fun..

bus ride home, fun, sat by Jessica, Matt, Zac, and Brad i think..good laughs the guys went to hooters after to eat..

FUN .....all day, man i woke up and Jennifer came over about 1:00 did our hair and make-up and everything,then caitlyn came about dressed and sat around..took pictures, and then Jennifers mom picked us up, and we went to Don Pablos, jessica and Katy came alitle later and Mike and Shannon came like a 1/2 hour later..

Jennifer spilled pop all over katys it was weird..we had fun at dinner..Mike(dont eat to many beans)lmao..good times..we left there and went to the school..i think we got there about was alot of fun, but not at first, i danced with Ali, Eatrius, Spencer, and like alot of other friends mostly..yea it ended alittle early cuz of some reason...w/e, well i had to help clean up alittle, cuz Katy's mom was taking us we waited and went was a great night..then

Sunday~I went up north, me and my sister had fun in the car we were making fun of her was hilarious! sucked...all these rules are being enforced with ur I.D. and the pop machines..and crapp..

well alright im on the phone, so leave it here..or call.peace:))



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